World Wide Web(www)


WWW is the one of the most important tool use nowadays. It is also known as Web. Users can easily access their documents and files on internet with the help of www.

The web is a collection of pages which are interlinked on a global scale. Web services help in exchange of business ideas and usage of web for information sharing. Web uses browsers like Internet Explorer or Google Chrome for accessing the ‘web pages’ which are text files, created using HTML code. To open a website a web address is necessary which is known as Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

World Wide Web is non -linear that means there is no bottom and a user needs not to follow a hierarchical route to information resources

Therefore :

  • Clients may jump from one resource (link) to another.
  • Clients may directly access the resources if they know the webpage address or URL
  • Clients can also access specific parts of a document.

Advantages of Web

  • Online presence 24/7
  • Information exchange
  • It cuts cost
  • Market expansion
  • Advertising

Disadvantage of Web

  • Time consuming
  • Security problem
  • Unreliable
  • Fraud
  • No quality control over data

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