GTA Online Bug Teleports Whole Lobbies To One House

A new GTA Online glitch teleports all players in the lobby without warning to a single location, oftentimes producing a violent end result.

Hello, friend, there is a new bug in GTA Online that causes entire lobbies to be instantly teleported to one location without warning. Glitches are not uncommon in Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode and they can often have a wide range of effects including robbing a car from one GTA Online player after they won a free one from the Diamond Casino.

As is often the case with many ongoing online titles, new glitches usually come about through the implementation of updates. Whether it is adding new content or fixing another problem, unforeseen issues often arise when a developer patches something like GTA Online. Back in July, there was one such glitch brought about by an update that unintentionally made GTA Online’s Kuruma bulletproof. Now a similar situation has appeared in-game, only this time it is having a much more immediate effect on a large number of players.

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Kotaku reported on a new glitch where without warning the screen will suddenly go black and teleport every player in the lobby to one location. The glitch appears to be happening on console platforms only and, according to GTA Online data miner Tez2, is because of a background update that for some reason changed a specific event to “teleport to apartment/garage.” YouTuber Geriatric GTA posted a short video documenting the glitch in action with a predictable result of a gunfight erupting after everyone is brought to the same place without warning against their will.

Random teleportation is not new when it comes to GTA Online, but it is novel for the console players in the community. There is some sort of in-game event that, when the conditions are met, causes the bug to go into effect. It does not seem known at present what specifically is causing the bug, however, it seems likely Rockstar will patch it out in the near future.

No game is perfect and an online sandbox title like GTA Online is subject to more than most other titles simply because of its type. Random instances like NPCs trapping GTA Online players in the casino will continue to happen as will those that sprout up because of new updates. Rockstar, however, seems to have a good handle on dealing with bugs whenever they appear so it is likely this random teleporting glitch on consoles has its days numbered.

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GTA Online is available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Kotaku, Tez2/Twitter, Geriatric GTA/YouTube

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