Best gun in Apex Legends Player Gets Lucky Snipe Shot With Mozambique

During a recent game of Apex Legends, one lucky player manages to hit an amazing shot from long range while using a Mozambique shotgun

Apex legends game comes With 28 different weapons, has managed a gun for seemingly every type of engagement. From long-range fights to close-quarters brawls, there is no shortage of guns to pick from in the loot pool. While many of these weapons are considered viable in a skirmish, the new Mozambique shotgun is typically not considered one of them.

Feature of Mozambique shotgun

  1. As part of the original arsenal of weapons included in Apex Legends, the Mozambique is a well-known gun in the battle royale.
  2. The shotgun has been buffed over the various seasons of the game, it has remained one of the weakest weapons in the loot pool. Despite this, one fan attempted to prove that the Mozambique could be effective in battle.
  3. This infamous gun is an automatic triple-barrel shotgun pistol. While this might sound impressive, the gun quickly became known for low and inconsistent damage after release. The extreme distance using the precision-based R-301, wolfegumbear likely expected little to happen by shooting at the distant enemies with the Mozambique. However, that wasn’t what took place.

It’s exciting to see players continue to come up with impressive highlights in Apex Legends. As players continue to play the battle royale in Season 11, it will be interesting to see what other incredible highlights gamers capture on the battlefield.

After carefully lining up the shot, the player fired one round at the far away building. Suddenly, a notification popped onto the screen. To the shock of wolfegumbear, they had managed to knock the enemy hundreds of meters away with a Mozambique.

Apex Legends available on PC, Ps4.

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